Sunday, November 29, 2009

Origins The Garden lousy facial service

Amendment Version.
Thanks to CY for the editing.
Last week I had a facial appointment done at Origins The Garden, Midvalley
Why do I say their service is 'Lousy'? I state the reasons for my case here.
1) Customer on time, but the Management isn't:
As you can see below, the picture below is taken at 10.10am.

I made my booking 1month++ in advance, and arrived at 9.50am.
Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?
2) Therapist does not greet customer, nor provide basic facial information.
It is a given, and is part of the normal protocol and routine that face therapists should inform customers of each and every step of the facial treatment process.

Yet, the therapist who serviced me did not even greet me. It was such that I absolutely had no idea what facial treatment she was going to perform on me.

I am blogging this as I had signed up for a 3+1 package with Origins on 31st August 2009.
1st Appointment:
The first appointment I made for my facial was cancelled as the reason given was my beautician had a stomach problem in early September 2009.
Fine. I accepted that reason.
2nd Appointment: I made my second appointment in early November 2009 agains at Origins (Mid Valley The Gardens).
This time, their outlet called me up stating that their therapist had an allergy reaction, so my appointment had to be cancelled. Again.
Yes, from 4 times of treatment, there was 2 times cancellation.
I can't believe the outlet cancelled out on me. I had put away time to come in, and this is the kind of service they are giving their customers??
My final appointment is in 2nd January 2010. I hope I will not receive such horrible treatment and service from Origins outlet again.
Original Version
Last Week done my facial routine at Origins The Garden, Midvalley
Why i said 'Lousy', as you can see below, it haven't open it shop event the time show 10.10am, i make my booking 1month++ in advance and arrive at 9.50am was make my angry was the beautician attitude.
Can you all imagine as normally each and every step the beautician will keep on saying what kind of treament she will perform on our face but on that sunday, She not even great me, then she just do her part and i keep on wondering what treament she will perform on my for the day. Yet i think i never been inform. Well it ok then.
Why i blog regard this matter as i sign a 3+1 package with Origins during Malaysia National Day and worst part my 1st package was been cancelled by Origins The Garden due to the beautician have stomach problem on early September 2009. Yeah, i think it ok then but worst part on early November 2009, again Origins The Garden call up and saying their beautician have allergic so my appoinment need to be cancelled.
Yeah 4x treament and 2x cancellation. I will absolutely don't want to renew my treament with them.
Since my last appoinment will be next year 2nd Jan 2010. Hopefully no cancellation again.
Time 10.00am

Haven't open it premises. Better close if don't want open the business.


  1. Sad to hear this..
    I though the gardens service is the best..

  2. Hai Jean,

    Maybe they want to make way to new client as they already took our money just don't want to deliver the service to us.

    Hmm...really 4 facial but 2x cancellation.

  3. hmmm, i thought of signing up 12-session with 35% discount, now thinking twice, but still want to try at least once cos their facial is kinda cheap, RM80 plus for 1.5 hour... i think