Sunday, November 29, 2009

Origins The Garden lousy facial service

Amendment Version.
Thanks to CY for the editing.
Last week I had a facial appointment done at Origins The Garden, Midvalley
Why do I say their service is 'Lousy'? I state the reasons for my case here.
1) Customer on time, but the Management isn't:
As you can see below, the picture below is taken at 10.10am.

I made my booking 1month++ in advance, and arrived at 9.50am.
Can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?
2) Therapist does not greet customer, nor provide basic facial information.
It is a given, and is part of the normal protocol and routine that face therapists should inform customers of each and every step of the facial treatment process.

Yet, the therapist who serviced me did not even greet me. It was such that I absolutely had no idea what facial treatment she was going to perform on me.

I am blogging this as I had signed up for a 3+1 package with Origins on 31st August 2009.
1st Appointment:
The first appointment I made for my facial was cancelled as the reason given was my beautician had a stomach problem in early September 2009.
Fine. I accepted that reason.
2nd Appointment: I made my second appointment in early November 2009 agains at Origins (Mid Valley The Gardens).
This time, their outlet called me up stating that their therapist had an allergy reaction, so my appointment had to be cancelled. Again.
Yes, from 4 times of treatment, there was 2 times cancellation.
I can't believe the outlet cancelled out on me. I had put away time to come in, and this is the kind of service they are giving their customers??
My final appointment is in 2nd January 2010. I hope I will not receive such horrible treatment and service from Origins outlet again.
Original Version
Last Week done my facial routine at Origins The Garden, Midvalley
Why i said 'Lousy', as you can see below, it haven't open it shop event the time show 10.10am, i make my booking 1month++ in advance and arrive at 9.50am was make my angry was the beautician attitude.
Can you all imagine as normally each and every step the beautician will keep on saying what kind of treament she will perform on our face but on that sunday, She not even great me, then she just do her part and i keep on wondering what treament she will perform on my for the day. Yet i think i never been inform. Well it ok then.
Why i blog regard this matter as i sign a 3+1 package with Origins during Malaysia National Day and worst part my 1st package was been cancelled by Origins The Garden due to the beautician have stomach problem on early September 2009. Yeah, i think it ok then but worst part on early November 2009, again Origins The Garden call up and saying their beautician have allergic so my appoinment need to be cancelled.
Yeah 4x treament and 2x cancellation. I will absolutely don't want to renew my treament with them.
Since my last appoinment will be next year 2nd Jan 2010. Hopefully no cancellation again.
Time 10.00am

Haven't open it premises. Better close if don't want open the business.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My holiday been spent for DIY Facial

It have been quite long that my job require me to do the extra work for internal auditor and now external auditor and for almost 3weeks time i go back late. I mean very late.
So today is my holiday. haha...Selamat Hari Raya Haji to all muslim and happy holiday to all.
I spend my quality time relaxing and pampering myself for my healthy glow.
I woke up around 7.30am (hmm actually my fren woke me up) so i have 30min jog around the house area and have a good breakfast with my fren.
Read latest news and its time for my DIY Spa.
I took a nice shower, double cleansing my face, scrub, tone and lastly my mask routine which i keep on skipping it.
So today i do my eye mask and hydrating mask due to long hour with my monitor and aircon room.
Need to wait until 15-20min
Take off time. Horray

The Origins mask from Make a diffrent range

The Bio-essence Eye mask which i using for my genetic panda eye.

Lastly, i drink a glass of Dutch Lady milk with Dutch Lady Chocolate favor SiPahh.
I don't like the milk taste but my late mum keep on nagging me regard how good milk was for our teeth. Yeah i love my teeth, seriuosly i think my best asset was my teeth. Now i really thankful to my mum as she always concern my teeth since young.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Women's Weekly & Bazaar Magazine Deal

I received this email yesterday and the event was today. Hmm...yet i can't find latest Women's Weekly Magazine how to show.
The best part was the RM150.00 goodie bag. i wish i can go to the event.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


source: Laneige FaceBook
LANEIGE Malaysia
Education - Workshop
Friday, November 27, 2009
10:00am - 6:00pm
The Gardens Hotel
Come and learn more about your skin type at the LANEIGE Power of 4 Beauty Workshop. You will also be learning more about LANEIGE’s Power of 4 Routine and a whole lot more about your own skin. Aside from learning, you’ll be given hands on lessons and it will be one fun session! Sneak Peek at what you will learn at the workshop:* ♥ Exfoliating Secret Tips* ♥ Relax with LANEIGE’s Face Masks* ♥ Learn the art of concealing* ♥ Finding the perfect foundation* ♥ Multi function 3 in 1 MascaraPLUS: Other tips and tricks to be revealed only at the workshop! Join us to find out!
All you have to do is buy a RM80 product voucher that can be redeemable at the workshop with any product sold at the workshop (subject to availability). So this workshop is actually free, if you think about it. Also, get an exclusive door gift worth RM85 when you arrive on that day.FREEBIE EXCLUSIVE FOR FACEBOOK FANS:
Buy the voucher from 18 – 22 November 2009 at the following counters (Parkson Pavilion, Parkson Sunway Pyramid, Parkson Sungei Wang Plaza ) and get a FREE Ultra-Hydro Essence EX 50ml (worth RM180).
This product is not available in Malaysia and you will be the exclusive ones who will have it in Malaysia. Please note that this product is available on a first come, first serve basis only and there are limited quantities available at each counter. Be quick and grab this opportunity.What are you waiting for, come and join us for a day of fun and excitement.
Please note that there are 2 sessions and each session’s vouchers are sold at various counters in the Klang Valley. So, make sure you purchase your voucher at the right counter.Session 1Date: 27 November 2009, Friday (Public Holiday)Time: 10.30am –2pmVenue: The Gardens HotelFees: Purchase RM80 worth of redeemable vouchers (To be redeemed at the workshop)Purchase Vouchers from:* ♥ Jusco Mid Valley* ♥ Parkson Pavilion* ♥ Parkson SunwaySession 2Date : 27 November 2009, Friday (Public Holiday)Time: 2.30pm –6pmVenue: The Gardens HotelFees: Purchase RM80 worth of redeemable vouchers (To be redeemed at the workshop)Purchase Vouchers from:* ♥ Isetan Gardens* ♥ Isetan Lot 10* ♥ Parkson Sungei Wang Plaza* ♥ Jusco Bandar Utama
Source from Miu, Plus size kitten

Spend too much time at Office

Hmm...i just wondering as this few weeks i have been spending most of my time at office and my journey to office.

Ok i wake up around 6am everday excluding weekend then clean up and my bf sent me to nearest KTM around 6.50am, i reach my office normally around 7.45am - 8.15am depends how fast KTM and the bas can go to my office.

Then if i require to stay back, i need to stay back until 8.30pm in order to get my daily allowance as i don't have any OT claim.

So once i finish my working day said around 8.30pm i will be reach home either 9.45pm - 10.15pm and again depends if the KTM go smooth way. Hmmm....Always delay.

I felt exhausted already. Yet my job require me to stay long hour mostly everyday which i felt very very very tired once i reach home.

As i keep on thinking and just now i ask my bos either my performance were going down or it just my job keep on increasing? He just smile, what does it mean???

I blessed as i got this job it just since my 1st day until now. I spend too much time at office. Does it heathly relationship with my bf? Some time i also spend my weekend at office worst was until 11pm on 31/10/2009.

My bf always prepare my breakfast, lunch and dinner and every weekend he will boil some cooling herb to reduce our body temperature, stress or to increase our inner energy.

Next year i will getting marry with him and he never said a word if i going be home late, but everyday he waiting me with cool meal due to my lateness. Make me felt sorry to him.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Bella Luna Free Massage

Today was my appoinment with Bella Luna for a 45min massage.
I reach around 9.45am as my massage schedule was 10am. I saw few security guard at the main door to secure Berjaya Time Square.
Hmmm...i'm thinking how am i going to be in as i not sure the place. So quickly i said to the security guard that i was my first day working at 8th Floor. So the security guard give me a direction to the lift and i manage to go in by 9.50am. hehe.
So i make sure i was totally clean and feel free, so i when to the washroom and do some touch up and some XXX.
By 11.30am, my massage, steam was complete and i felt better just the herb smell more like Indonesia herbal. I clean myself up and by 12noon, i when back to office to take some of my stuff.
The treament was very nice as i throught yeah, FREE TRIAL so just simple massage but hey it's not. It good as it pay. Since it very good and make me fall in love with the package, i sign it up immediately. BYE BYE $$$$.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Clinique Redeem your sample

I did manage to get my free sample but not from Isetan KLCC as d SA was not so friendly and look us as cheapsake only so i get my sample at Parkson KLCC he was much much friendly then d Isetan Clinique SA look like auntie. Actually i'm a clinique user also but not all Clinique skincare i'm using, i mix and match.

I were thinking as last time when i purchase Clinique product the SA said i'm oily/combination yet now they said i'm dry/combination, are they really know what they are saying?? Or based on their felling and throught touching my face texture.

As if by computer scan, my oilliness were still high only yeah due to long hour in air-con room my skin become dehydrated already. So i using a lot product for hydrating and oil control.

By the way i also have sensitive skin which occure after facial and worst after make-up.

I saw this advertising during my search on the net. I did try my luck to redeem the eye sample last time. But it quite difficult to redeem as the SA quite pushy.

Does Clinique so generous to give away without buying or have hidden agenda to increase their sales target.

Anyway here is the link :
just fill ur data and u are set to redeem your sample worth of RM62.00

Anyway, i have Clinique make-up workshop voucher worth RM100.00. (SOLD to Baby Elmo)

If you interest on this please email to me at :


Clarins The Power To Try

The 1st view i saw when i entering the room with my sister.
ahha....Good offer that all should try. Hey it was THE POWER TO TRY. So go and try. My trial was on 5th December 2009.

Does she look like Joanna Basiy (I think i wrongly spell her surname) But this instructor name was Michelle. She wear just like the hydrating range cloth ohh....

This is the skincare for us to try on.

How to remove the proper was for our mascara and eyeshadow.
Step 1

Step 2

The actually amount to pour on a cotton.

The happy face to try.

Hantu Bedak Sejuk ambik picture.

Hantu Putih Senyum

This is the mask i and my sister were using for our Haloween. Hehe

This chart show on the proper way for our face routine

This is the skin care and make-up to play with. hmmm...but poor thing as i have allergy so i just have fun with the skin care. I try the Clarins Hydraquench range for my dehydrating skin.

The Instructor (Michelle) give a demo on AngelZoe.

Ok, this picture show how to apply mascara on the sturborn eyelash.

I really love this picture. As i print out in A3 size full colour for my daily use. Hehe. The FIRMING Part. Hopefully my skin will always firm, tender, soft and radiant looking. I'm praying hard for it. I also using the Clarins Lotus oil to massage before every firming excersize i doing.

This is what I purchase. The Hydrating for my thristy skin.
Overall i really enjoy the way they promote their product it just my skin were have allergy make me scare to try the make-up while sister eyelash are too short to try the mascara which later give up to try the eye enhance area. hehe...asean eye. Mata sepet. Buahaha....!