Friday, November 13, 2009

Bella Luna Free Massage

Today was my appoinment with Bella Luna for a 45min massage.
I reach around 9.45am as my massage schedule was 10am. I saw few security guard at the main door to secure Berjaya Time Square.
Hmmm...i'm thinking how am i going to be in as i not sure the place. So quickly i said to the security guard that i was my first day working at 8th Floor. So the security guard give me a direction to the lift and i manage to go in by 9.50am. hehe.
So i make sure i was totally clean and feel free, so i when to the washroom and do some touch up and some XXX.
By 11.30am, my massage, steam was complete and i felt better just the herb smell more like Indonesia herbal. I clean myself up and by 12noon, i when back to office to take some of my stuff.
The treament was very nice as i throught yeah, FREE TRIAL so just simple massage but hey it's not. It good as it pay. Since it very good and make me fall in love with the package, i sign it up immediately. BYE BYE $$$$.


  1. harlo.... how was it?

    how much was the package proposed?

    was the service good?

  2. hi, mengapa begitu mahal ya?

    pukul 10 pagi.. agak awal juga-nya...

    urut badan, kuat ke?

  3. No lah, i don't like being massage at night.

    Some more my bf just like a mum that always cook 4 me. I don't want miss out his dinner.