Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dove Volume & Nourishment range free sample

Like a dream come true, sashay into a journey from dry and flat to fabulous hair with the new Dove Volume & Nourishment range.

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Berikan sokongan anda terhadap kempen #taknakseludup dan menang RM20 KFC kupon atau Kemeja-T


Berikan sokongan anda terhadap kempen #taknakseludup. Tandatangani ikrar sokongan dan rebutlah peluang memenangi baucar KFC sebanyak RM20 & T-Shirt kempen eksklusif. Klik sini untuk berikrar : Saya tak nak seludup

Kemudian isi kan borang penyertaan di link ini : Borang

Friday, May 29, 2015

FREE NESTLÉ® NAN® Grow 3 sample awaits your child!

A FREE NESTLÉ® NAN® Grow 3 sample awaits your child! Simply PM your name, NRIC number, email address
and mailing address to redeem a NESTLÉ® NAN® Grow 3 150g pack. Hurry, offer limited to 1,000 requests only!

Check their website for more detail : Nestle Nan Sample

 Click here for the terms and conditions:http://bit.ly/Lactokid-150g-Sample

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal toothbrush worth 360g of Pure GOLD.

The new Colgate 360 Gold Charcoal Toothbrush, touched by the elegance of colour gold with charcoal spiral bristles. It effectively prevents bacterial growth on the brush for up to 90 days and removes stains. What are you waiting for? Be classy with the new Gold toothbrush! 

From 1st May 2015 till 30 June 2015, you might be the luck winner to win 360g worth RM1800 weekly. Join now and you might be the lucky winner Colgate looking for.#‎ohmygold‬ 

Detail : 360' Colgate Gold 


Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mcdonald Happy Meals giving free book on every purchase.

McDonald’s NEW McFish Happy Meal for your little ones, with a healthier side choice for them! In the month of May, the Little Red Box comes with a FREE DK book for you and your kids to enjoy too! Come and spend some happy time with your kids now!

I never miss new book as my child also love books, she can spend up to two hours on great bookstores. Just nowadays the public library are not so convenient as last time. I really miss my hometown. #Perpustakaanbergerak

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Free Dumex Mamil 7days trial to your doorstep

Thinking of switching formula milk for your child? 

Why don't request free sample from Dumex Mamil? 

Apply here : Request free sample

3 Reasons To Try Mamil®

Mamil® with PreciNutriTM contains a combination of Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture scGOS/lcFOS (9:1) that is scientifically proven to promote a healthy gut environment.
Mamil® also contains the highest level of DHA4 and has the important nutrients to support a child's optimum growth and development. Last but not least, there is 0% Sucrose in all Mamil®formulation.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Join WOOP with great rewarding goodies and gift

Love try new thing plus without a cost and deliver to your doorstep? 
Why not join WOOP a women community with opinion. 
Upon joining, they will sent over some goods for you to try out. Not compulsory to complete all task but upon completed a task, you will earn point for every hard work that you giving. In return the point can be converted into point that can redeem lots of goods,

Join me now and start doing you daily mission and big mission : Join WOOP

Below are some company that are currently working with WOOP

Below are some of my redemption that I made from WOOP.

While this is a gift from WOOP as I was ben selected as one of the lucky winner where my house been clean by two lovely ladies and they also give this to make sure my house are fresh all day long.

Earn up to 16X More BCard Point through U Ranger + It's FREE

Join me with latest program for BCard and U Mobile User

Here is few simple instruction you need to kick start you BCard point.

1. Register as member through this link : I want to join the U Ranger Team.
2. Fill up you detail and BCard number.
3. Start doing Daily Mission (Small point yet easy task) & (Big mission need some picture sharing etc)
4. Once you have at least 50points, you can start transferring your point to your BCard. It's take around 3 working days to transfer and update.
5.  Check you BCard Summary online and look the point without a cost. (Happy).

**Plus if you are among the lucky one, you might win extra. I just go a notification mention that I get RM50.00 UMobile reload and if you are not U Mobile user, you can win RM20 Starbucks voucher. 

Here is my latest BCard Statement since I started the mission.  Don't wait just start.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Free Frozen Drinks from Mcdonalds

Come and redeem your free drinks from Mcdonalds

Just download the coupon on your handphone and show to them. While stock last.

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Store Location : Only Available 

Friday, April 10, 2015

My own recipes with Dumex Mamil and Avocado

I not sure if I can consider my daughter as 'Picky Eaters' as she do have quite small appetite.

Yet avocado smash never fail to do the magic as it simple yet full of nutrients.

As I only need 2 ingredient.

1. My daughter formula milk (Dumex Mamil)
2. Avocado.                                                       

Very simple step.
1. Cut the avocado in hald, ripe out the fresh
2. Pour some around 1 glass of milk depends either you prefer more water or more solid.
3. Ready to be serve. :)


Friday, January 23, 2015

Join me on Mum Knows Best!

Join me on Mum Knows Best!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Unhealthy Gut Problem (Diarrhoea) How I handle my child case

I admit we all have experience of Diarrheoa, maybe the seafood we are eating are not as fresh as it was or the food at the hawker are not as clean as we are hoping for. The movement that we all cannot stop by passing out watery or loose movement and keep repeating few times in a day.

I use to give my daughter 
her isotonic drink to make sure that she is in hydrate mood. Seek for medical advise if the condition are getting worst.

What more  Dumex Mamil are scientifically proven to promote a healthy gut environment which are much appealing to give my daughter the right formula milk that promote healthy gut environment also much help in guiding me raising a child in this modern day were lots and lots of mutant virus exist. #mamilstories 

For more detail on how you could get a FREE Trial of 7days Dumex Mamil Formula Milk, please visit their website at : http://www.mamil.com.my  or their facebook at www.facebook.com/DumexMamil

Friday, January 2, 2015

FREE Lock&Lock Container 1L with every purchase of 2 Fanta Frozen ONLY at myNews.com

Waoh...great bargain from myNEWS.com. by any 2 Fanta Frozen and get FREE Lock&Lock Container 1L.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Earning some cash through online - 8share

Normally when we first hear the word earning online, our head will telling us that it was a hoax.

I also think the same few years back then I read the term and condition carefully before apply, but now I don't think online are hoax anymore since I manage to earn some cash myself.

The most important is when the application require us to pay some amount for registration then 'STOP' as you not sure yet how much you will earn upon apply and it may not as good as it seem like.

Ok back to based. I earn some cash from 8share also some goodies if they having some contest either movie ticket, meals voucher or it could be anything depend on our luck.

Only take few step to start with.

1. Apply to become a member :  Application to be 8share member

2. Fill all the data needed and start sharing the promotion item through your facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

3. Start earning upon your family, friends and everyone that might have interest on the said advertisment.

happy 2015 and happy start to earn some cash