Thursday, December 8, 2016

School Holiday is On, welcome Sunway Lagoon Theme Park. Outdoor activity with young one. Hunger for adventure

Yes, school is closed. Holiday is on. 

Today I going to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, as I hear new attraction "Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon" just newly launch by late last year. 

I do have early preparation as I will bringing along my 5 years old hunger for adventure girl with me. As most parent knows, children are easy to get common fever after doing the outdoor activity due to the heat and hot weather in our country which really not cool for us as we might need to take extra leave as myself, I really not allow my child spreading her illness during daycare session as it may spread around her schoolmates.  

Friso Gold is imported directly from Holland. Ensuring care at every step of the process to provide the nutrition that our child needs. 

Friso Gold with LocNutri™ technology helps to preserves nutrient in its structure during its manufacturing process, so that it is easily absorbed by the body for easy digestion.

Simple facts that Preserves nutrient. Easy digestion for stronger inside. 

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Here are some of the benefit for a good digestion :

  1. Better appetite and good eating habits
  2. Proper bowel movements with minimal signs of indigestion, constipation and flatulence
  3. Display appropriate physical and psychological growth
  4. Better body resistance

For me, I do enjoy the benefit of Friso Gold toward my child seeing she grow taller and stronger everyday, learn to talk, respond and take action fast. Looking at her progress, I knows that I make the right choice of choosing the right formula milk for her. 

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park have few attraction from wildlife park, scream park up to Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon etc.

Here are some of my picture during my visit. I looking forward to visit this theme park again.

                                                     Sunway Lagoon Wife Life Area
                                            feeding the rabbit and giant tortoise with care.

 Have a ride in Wagon Wheel

Playing water are my child favorite. Spend most of our time here at Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon
For me spending more quality time are much worth then giving her expensive gadget for her to play by herself.

Friso Gold helps my child to have a good digestive health, her body resistance also will improve. When my child is stronger from the inside, they are happy and ready to enjoy more of the outside together with us.

For more detail about Friso Gold to check their facebook website here : Friso Gold

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