Saturday, December 10, 2016

Harvest Time, Appreciation to Mother Earth for the fresh vegetables on our table

I was lucky working as supply chain management team were I can meet various group of great background people, make friend and doing some activity together to create more bonding toward each other.

One of my favorite weekend activity is harvesting fresh fruits and vegetable in one of my friend plant. He and her wife do pesticide free vegetables and fruits farm.

Planting and harvesting were such a fun and healthy activity as we need to woke up early and start harvest fresh vegetables into our basket and collecting before mid-morning, as this vegetables and fruits need to reach the final destination before rotten. Heat and humid will make the vegetables and fruit rotten much faster, it was a fun learning experience for my child as she need to be very patient waiting the crop to grow bigger and stronger then only can be harvested.

I did ask her to write down the process from seed to a baby plant till the process end. By the end of the process she much appreciate what been putting on our dining table. She can also said it aloud that she did harvest the vegetable that been serve during our dinner time.

The correct way on how to cut the vegetables.

 Explanation on the how to look on the vegetables quality.

Took picture first before start our harvesting moment. This is a bird eye chili. 

As all of us know heat will faster process in rotten vegetable and will easy get spoil. Same with if we overcook our food and damaging the nutrient in our food.

Same concept on what we giving to our child, their growing up formula milk. As overheating destroys the nutrient  I was lucky by making the right by choosing Friso Gold as a part of my daughter's diet. 

Friso Gold is imported directly from Holland. Ensuring care at every step of the process to provide the nutrition on our child needs. 

Now Friso Gold with LocNutri technology that uses heat heat treatment during the formula production process to preserve the nutrient. so  that is is easily absorbed by the body for easy digestion. When our child has good digestion health, she have a great body resistance. she will be stronger from inside, thus allowing her to explore more on the outside with us.

On my previous post I did highlight the benefit if good digestion for our child, below are some tips on how ensuring that our child has good digestion system.

      Here are some tips on o to ensure our child has good digestion :
  1. Eat high fibre foods - Grains, fruits and vegetables.
  2. Plenty of fluids - Beside milk, keep our child hydrated with water, juices or other fluids.
  3. East fresh and less processed foods - Fresh and less processed foods are easier to digest and are higher in nutritional content compared to processed foods.
  4. Refrain from consuming overcooked foods - Foods cooked with extreme heat can be hard to digest, causing indigestion and stomach discomfort. 
Not to forget before doing any outdoor activity do ensure that our skin are protected from harmful UVA/UVB as we might spending long hours under direct sunlight, apply lots of sunblock, use umbrella, cap or any long clothes. Inner and outer protection for great memory to tell.

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