Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Earn up to 16X More BCard Point through U Ranger + It's FREE

Join me with latest program for BCard and U Mobile User

Here is few simple instruction you need to kick start you BCard point.

1. Register as member through this link : I want to join the U Ranger Team.
2. Fill up you detail and BCard number.
3. Start doing Daily Mission (Small point yet easy task) & (Big mission need some picture sharing etc)
4. Once you have at least 50points, you can start transferring your point to your BCard. It's take around 3 working days to transfer and update.
5.  Check you BCard Summary online and look the point without a cost. (Happy).

**Plus if you are among the lucky one, you might win extra. I just go a notification mention that I get RM50.00 UMobile reload and if you are not U Mobile user, you can win RM20 Starbucks voucher. 

Here is my latest BCard Statement since I started the mission.  Don't wait just start.

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