Thursday, January 1, 2015

Earning some cash through online - 8share

Normally when we first hear the word earning online, our head will telling us that it was a hoax.

I also think the same few years back then I read the term and condition carefully before apply, but now I don't think online are hoax anymore since I manage to earn some cash myself.

The most important is when the application require us to pay some amount for registration then 'STOP' as you not sure yet how much you will earn upon apply and it may not as good as it seem like.

Ok back to based. I earn some cash from 8share also some goodies if they having some contest either movie ticket, meals voucher or it could be anything depend on our luck.

Only take few step to start with.

1. Apply to become a member :  Application to be 8share member

2. Fill all the data needed and start sharing the promotion item through your facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

3. Start earning upon your family, friends and everyone that might have interest on the said advertisment.

happy 2015 and happy start to earn some cash

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