Monday, September 8, 2014

GUT - What do we as parent understand about gut.

When I first time saw 'Let It Out" launched by Dumex Mamil with given away cute potty as redemption. I was thinking what is 'GUT' means. 

I google the word "GUT and here is the answer. 

Definition of gut (n)

Bing Dictionary
  • gut
  • [ gut ]
  1. alimentary canal: the whole of the alimentary canal in people and animals, from the mouth to the anus, or the lower part of it intestine, from the stomach to the anus
  2. fishing cord: cord made of fibrous material taken from silkworms.
  3. place where instincts are felt: the supposed location in the body of a person's deepest instinctively felt responses, as distinct from his or her rational or logical responses, or those instinctive responses themselves
No wonder Dumex Mamil are giving potty for redemption to encourage children to pass out proper stool. I listening carefully the Dumex Mamil Promoter explanation regard the Gut health that all parent can indicate through our child stool type. Please refer to below attachment for more detail. 

Do check Dumex Mamil website at : to discover more detail. #mamilstories

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