Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gut health

I still remember few years ago when my daughter have constipation. Why i said it was a constipation and how i identify it? 

I notice my daughter was less frequent bowel movements than her norm, especially if she hasn't had one in three or more days and is obviously uncomfortable when she does have one. The face mimic, the hand action and lastly i also check her pass movements as similar to type two based on Dumex Mamil flyer "Did you know that stool is one of the indicators of your child's gut health?"

Back then I try by giving some cultured mild drink to comfort her bowel movements but again she will get another sickness due giving her cold drink, her cough can last up to one week.

Now I am less headache and worry less after switching her formula milk from other brand to Dumex Mamil Learning Precision Step 3. Happy that I have made the switch as now, my daughter have no problem doing her nature call, she even take off her pants and putting the toilet seat cover. 

Beside that, I also encourage her to take plenty of plain water and introduce her more leafy vegetable and fruits. #mamilstories

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