Monday, June 4, 2012

Me & Yakult

On 15th May 2010, it was my first exciting event with Yakult on Nutrition Month 2010 Carnival happen at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. As I got a chance to play games with Yakult promoter, three questions with three correct answers which entitle for a great utensil and a comic book regard the founder story from Yakult.

At home after putting my Yakult cluster on the fridge, I took out the comic book from the event. This book should be re-printing or based on e-book as the knowledge are easy to understand and much fun then just read the history. The graphic and story line are great for young reader to understand more about the product.  I really admirer on how Dr. Minoru Shirota’s mission and vision to help promote and maintain a good health even during the war time and just wish to be a peaceful citizen. His legacy to promote a healthy intestinal and gut still continues and grows larger all over the world.

As we all know Yakult contain probiotic but what the different between Prebiotics and Probiotics. I love attending event especially regard health and beauty as I just start my own family. My health is priority as I need to take care for my family.

1.    Prebiotics nourish the thousands of good bacterial species already living in the colon.
2.    Probiotics contain from one to a few species of bacteria which are added to the colon when they are ingested (eaten).

Why I believe in Yakult product because it provide me with real fact and figure, as they the only one dare to claim the approximate amount of good bacteria (contains more than 30 billion live shirota strain probiotics) in a bottle while other just claim billion.

It really works during my pregnancy period as I don’t have any bowel problem and it really help to normalize my daily diet as taking Iron pills really make me difficult during the natural calls yet consuming 2hours early before my Iron pills to avoid crash on my system really works well and effectively. I don’t have any constipation nor back pain and teeth problem simply because Yakult contain the goodness of calcium, vitamins B3, B6, B12 and D beside Probiotics.

I also give me little baby (After the age of six month and above) to consume average 5-10ml Yakult every morning to avoid constipation or diarrhea especially during teething. I really impress with the result as my baby were very active and cheerful with no sight of painful during teething.

Thanks to Yakult that improve my intestinal and gut system. Really a recommended product for our wellness and  longevity. Now Yakult comes in 2packaging which in 5bottles in a clusters with the price of RM3.99 or Double pack (10bottles) for RM7.50 for Yakult Ace. Price may vary as I purchase during promotion with recommended Peninsular Malaysia price.
If you love in sugar less try Yakult Ace Light. It have less sugar contain in every bottle.

For more detail kindly click here.

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