Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Date with Julie's

Julie’s well know of it exquisite yummy biscuit since I was a young child. Made in Malaysia to the world class biscuit by creating more line of variety to choice from healthy cream cracker, peanut butter sandwich biscuit to oat and now come in lemon flavor puff sandwich. Yet my old time favored will be always the Love Letter wafer rolls and Peanut Butter sandwich.

Can be consume anytime, anywhere with any occasion. Great combination with hot or cold beverages. Love by all ages. I always put some of Julie’s biscuit at my workplace drawer in case I fell hungry in between breakfast and lunch or during a short teatime break, really make me full and give me extra concentration during working hour as given me full energy to go further.

While at home, Julie’s Love Letter wafer rolls are MUST have item. As my 9months old daughter will always crawling slowly toward her favored wafer, I love to give her the wafer rather than the candy which are too sugary for her plus Julie’s wafer have extra vitamin compare to the candy.

I really love when Julie’s giving a free container which come with the purchase of Cheese or Peanut Butter sandwich, really good to keep my stuff on the small compartment. Tidy up my mess and easy to be keep under my bed or above my cabinet.  

With affordable prices, great taste, come in lots of variety and convenient packs, really make us love Julie’s brand on top of the others, hope more to come with great offer, promotion and lots of glorious biscuit in the year to come.