Saturday, June 26, 2010

Origins Healthy, Charming. Zero Oil Workshop

I received a mail today from Origins.
Oh it was a workshop. Click for enlarge and do call them immediately as 17th July morning session already full but fear not as they will be extent to 18th July for morning and evening session.

Do call them at 03 - 2287 4662 and book ur seat.
See u there.


  1. Need to pay any fee to attend the workshop?

  2. Miu, are u joining?

    Xiao Yue, is was free. Just call and book urself. hv fun ;)

  3. it's fully book for both days liao.. no need call de..

  4. waoh so fast not even end of June 2010. Ok Miu maybe next time u hv change.

  5. wow! so fast, i just received the postcard yesterday..@_@

  6. weird, how come some of them know early then us? As when i call up, she said all the morning session alrdy full & i can slot in for the afternoon session only.