Saturday, December 13, 2014

KL Kids Festival on 6th December 2014 story of me.

Firstly I would like to Thanks Munchy's Malaysia Facebook as they are giving away free ticket to KL Kidz Festival on 6th December 2014, without Munchy's I might need to puchase ticket worth around RM100 for 1child and 1adult.

It was the great event for mostly chidren as it really an informal educational way for children to learn more, see more. I arrive around 12noon the first trip was to the main stage, follow by Wall climbing, she want to play but there was too packed. So I skip.

The Main Stage where Go!Go!Go! Poroyo and Larva doing their performance. Great entertaining performance. My child really enjoy ever step of it.

The Tropical Area where all children have the chance to see, touch and feel the living animal. My young one take the hamster.

Hehe, first time touching the Iquana. She keep on saying 'Crocodile. No, it was an 'Iquana'.
 Saw the little lamb been feeding time. 
 I am not sure what is this. Lizard? My girl said 'Cicak gemuk' Ya kah? 

Magic Wonderland - Story telling by The Jumping JellyBeans. Haha great JellyBeans story, the presenter really great doing her story, so interactive with the children.
 Hmm..others joining the colouring contest, she also want to participate. OK lah, join loh. So hardworking doing her colouring. She got the landyard for Astro for her colouring. :) 
 Ok, jumping moments. After enjoying the show, now she are jumping around. Play time.

Here is the goodies bag. Manage to open the treasure box by Munchy's which I got Captain Munch biscuit, Astro Circle goodies bag upon click 'Liked' on their facebook, landyard for my daughter colouring contest and FREE entrance for 1adult and 1children courtesy from Munchy's Facebook contest. 

Double thumb up for great show and event. Looking forward for upcoming event, as my child see, feel and tough the small animals, know what their are and how does their look, skin and color. Join the fun with other children, build her own confident while playing and interactive, ohh yeah she also did play the bicyle for balancing at the Bike Track zone. Only she not so interested on claytime and Frozen. :)

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