Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Happiest Moment

On 21st August 2011, Clare was born at 3.58am with only 2.84kg. This little angel are my pride and joy after ten years since I was been told by a Doctor that my chances to get pregnant are very slim due to my irregular menstrual cycle.

I can said she really a god present for me since 1 cancellation of engagement, 1humiliation from the older forks said i'll not be good enough for their son and a pre-natal depression that cause me losing my job.

Luckier I manage handle it over by taking step by step management solver to handling my obstacle. My baby step and patience that lead me a great result by having her in my arm. Now I also have a great job to be proud off.

May I can become a great mother and guardian for my little one to become a proud person for our land, our beloved country.

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