Sunday, October 9, 2011

Please help to spread this important info to all.

This is my sister jade, my one were hold by a gold ring. Hope if you find/saw at any pawshop. Please do email me at :

Please help me to find my lockets.

To all my value readers,

I really need your favor to help me to spread to the world on this matter.
As on 9-10-2011, my gold necklace was been snatch by 2malay guys at Taman Usaha Jaya, Kepong around 5.45pm.
I don't mind regard the necklace but I really hope I can trace back my 2lockets as these are given by my late mum to me.

Here is the locket description :

1. Gold locket with Mother Mary holding baby Jesus (Like the Novena book image) at front and at back was Jesus's image with a burn mark at the right hand site.
2. A green jade. (Just like the picture image)

I know my chances to trace back are slim but I still pray & hope that I can find this 2 lockets back. I willing to pay full amount from the pawnshop if you guys know whr and I also willing to give reward to the kind person who can led me to my lockets.

Thanks in advance.
Jovinia Yong

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