Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beauty Talk - Be White Review

October promotion :
At any Sasa outlet purchase above RM 30.00, entitle to get Beauty Talk Be White Starter Kit only RM5.90 (N/P : RM 12.90)
Beauty Talk Be White advertisement on Women's Weekly Malaysia (October 2010 Issue)

A box of Beauty Talk Be White Starter Kit

1. 2 sachet of Activ-Pearl Gel Cream 2ml
2. 2 sachet of 3D Day Cream (Brightening) 2ml
3. 2 sachet of Double Cleansing Gel 2ml
4. 2 sachet of Snowy Memory Essence 2ml
5. 2 sachet of Snowy Moisture Cream 2ml
Suggestion Steps:
Day: Silky Cleansing Foam → Refine Toning Lotion → Activ-Pearl Gel Cream → 3D Refining Day Cream
Night: Double Cleansing Gel →Refine Toning Lotion → Snowy Memory Essence → Snowy Moisture Cream
Proper direction during application. This is important to penetrate the benefit into our skin and to avoid sagging skin.

Activ-Pearl Gel Cream
─Brightens and purifies for translucent-looking skin Refreshes, Moisturizes and Anti-oxidation─
First, I apply this Activ-Pearl Gel Cream after my cleanser and toner. It have anti-ance and oil control effect which is very good for oily combination skin like me. It also absorb nicely onto my skin.

3D Refining Day Cream (Brightening)
─ Introducing the modern era of Advanced 3D Makeup, Whitening and Purifying Skincare
Secondly I apply the 3D Refining day cream, as the texture like have a colorless foundation which cover my open pores and pimples scars.

Double Cleansing Gel
—Dual effect to deep clean pores, leaving skin instantly refreshed and refined—
I like this one, do double job for me. Can be use as make-up remover to remove all the make-up trace and also can be use as daily cleanser.
1. Makeup removal: Keep your hands and face dry. Place an adequate amount on the palm of your hand and massage in a circular motion. Allow the gel to bind with the dirt and makeup before rinsing off with clean water. Repeat the procedure when removing heavy makeup.
2. Daily cleansing: Add water to turn the gel into smooth foam. Apply the foam to the face evenly, massage the face for deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation of the skin and rinse off the foam with water.
The foam that been created after added some water.
I use this in the evening time as i use it as a make-up remover to remover all trace of dirt and to unclogged my pores then secondly added some water to become a daily cleanser.

Snowy Memory Essence
─ Enables skin to recall its capacity to be fair and white─
─ Whitening, moisturizing and purifying, explore the new whitening era with innovative ingredients ─
─ Effectively inhibit, block and diminish melanin and, at the same time, notably improve, repair and brighten your skin ─
I use this at night to maximun the benefit and also for quick repair my skin during my Zzzzzzzz time. It transperant in color and quickly absorb into my skin.

Snowy Moisture Cream
─Remarkable skin protection, Continuous, nightly whitening action─
Lastly before i turn off the light, i make sure i get the proctection form Snowy Moisture Cream for extra protection for nourishing and hydrates my skin. It was milky white in colour but the texture is more on watering.

I also make sure once or twice a week i do my DIY facial at home. For extra penetration into my skin and to remain supply and radiant minus the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation and rough surface.
I use Beauty Talk OxyMask for Beauty Talk OxyMask using Perfluorodecalin (Oxygen Carrier) penetrates deep into the skin layer to increase the oxygen level, and our skin cells will possess the amazing self-healing to gain beauty naturally! OxyMask also contains nutrients such as Sodium Hyaluronate, Hayahibara Trehalose, Saccharide Isomerate and etc, which provides whitening, firming, moisturizing and softens the appearance of wrinkles effects

I can tell the instant result that i achieve during this application. As you all can see on left hand side was a part of my face which i got a scar mark. It very obviously with a smiling 'U' line with some pigmentation dots. But after an overnight using Beauty Talk Be' White Series and also Beauty Talk OxyMask. The result on my right hand side was remarkable, my 'U' line are slightly lighter and my skin also brighten a bit. I also can feel my touchable and more supply. Really love the result.
For more infomation regard Beauty Talk product, kindly browse to Beauty Talk Website or if you wish to buy online kindly browse to Aisop for pricing or just visit any Sasa outlet for on the spot consultation.
**Kindly be advise as this review is based on my personal experience and some picture and detail was taken from Beauty Talk website or brochures. Thanks in advance and thanks for passby my blog.

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